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quinta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2013

51212 Dragons of the knowledge of Good and Evil

... This story of "original sin" is the only thing Jewish and was originally written in the "Torah", but, as we shall see, with a completely different sense of the Catholic vision constantly in the Old Testament. The Torah is the collection of books of Moses (Pentateuch), the most important part of the Tanakh, which is the complete collection of the Jewish scriptures. There is nothing even resembling an original sin in Islam, much less Christianity "esoteric" (original). ... Rather, Jesus was strongly opposed this idea and showed it in many ways, including, in the parable of the prodigal son. The esoteric Christianity accepts only the writings about Jesus Christ, his methods and teachings. And it is logical that it is, because true Christianity began with Jesus and from his teachings. Before him there was no shadow of what can be called "Christianity." Jesus was never a Christian. Jesus was a Jew because he was born and raised in Judaism, though, due to the teachings he received from Hinduism and Buddhism, has been a revolutionary totally subverting the Jewish faith, which led to his death. Say in passing, that Orthodox Christians do not admit that Jesus the "Master Teacher", has received "teachings" of someone, because, according to the "deification" of Jesus, established by the Apostle Paul, "the inherent wisdom you would. " For this reason, the orthodox scriptures (manipulated) the new testament is silent regarding these teachings as to have erased all traces of the activities of Jesus developed their 12 to 30 years. But Jesus was in the East, was indoctrinated and even trained in the method of teaching in parables, so the Buddhist monks. The documents of the Dead Sea (Qumran or documents) recently discovered, attesting to the veracity of this passage of Jesus' life. Just remember, the scriptures themselves, the messianism of Jesus was prophesied before and after attestation by John the Baptist, who was a master of the Essenes (a Buddhist sect), through baptism in the Jordan River.
... Why, then, orthodox Christianity in the Bible included the Torah, in its original sense modified and redefined by the name of Old Testament? Let's see! Judaism was the only religion "monotheistic" exists in the pre-Christian world. And the foundation was an "alliance" that Yahweh himself had established with Bnei Israel (the "people" of Israel, in Palestine), through its patriarch Abraham and his descendants. This agreement stipulated that Bnei Yisrael would be the chosen people of Yahweh and Eretz Israel (the "kingdom" of Israel) dominate over all nations. In contrast, this people and this nation would have to worship only Yahweh. As a symbol of recognition of this covenant, Yahweh demanded that every male was "circumcised". All other people (non-Israelites) received the generic name of "Gentiles" and were, of course, outside of this alliance. As followers of Christ, self-proclaiming their legitimate heirs, the early Christians had to accept his past, undermining the whole history of Judaism of his descendants, retroactive to the first patriarch of mankind, Adam. Restricted to the region of Palestine, Judaism and Christianity had to live together and practically impossible for a convert to the religion of the other. Especially the Jews, who in their self-sufficiency of "God's chosen people" would never abdicate this position reliable and comfortable. To that Christianity could grow and take hold, it was necessary to drive the process of conversion to the Gentiles. Thus, with the conversion of the Roman Emperor Constantine to Christianity, the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD proclaimed, based on the assumptions of Pauline "deification" and the "new covenant" that Yahweh did now with the Christians, through the "sacrificial blood" of Christ, that humanity would be free from original sin, duly converted to Christianity. So. The sign of this new alliance would be represented by the events of the Eucharist.
... Christianity undermined and misrepresented, in fact, all of Judaism: their scriptures, their greatest prophet, turning it into divinity; their covenant with Yahweh and, above all, the condition of God's chosen people.
Now it is possible to understand the esoteric meaning of "original sin," according to his own Jewish origin.
... "Disobedience" is the most basic instinct of the human creature. The more "forbidden" tempting because it whets the curiosity, active sentience and keeps us on alert. Watch a child, the more you say "no", the more she disobeys. And God, according to scripture, "comes in creating" human nature knows best. The first man created by God was pure and innocent as a child. Ignorance. This is the failure that was the mistake, the "sin" of the first phase (original) the creation of man. But God's proposal is to create the whole man, not an innocent who knows nothing about nothing. Thus, it was necessary first to "activate" (temptation) this first man to himself, and by his own efforts, could (like the prodigal son) by constant contact with the things of the world (with the pigs eating meal) evolve constantly and now aware of his divine nature, is worthy of being greeted with celebrations in the parental home. To this end could be achieved, God had to work with the unique capabilities of this first human instinctive; curiosity and disobedience. In all cultures, the "snake" is the symbol of divine wisdom. So God, through His omniscience (the serpent) tempted man defying his instincts, so that it start the second part of his creative process, the firmation of its "soul" individual; your "inner self", the Cogito ergo sum, "the atmam" a "psyche" uniquely human soul, that part of the "living individuality", which as a naughty computer began to observe, understand and take complete control of your own schedule, the "reason" that overlapped the "instinct," he observes, thinking, questioning, because "ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil", who abandoned paradise (safety genetics based on their own instincts), that "sinned "(took control of knowledge), which received as" punishment "to" eat bread in the sweat of thy face "(because they have to take full responsibility owed to it by having taken control of nature in their own hands). Here is the whole man! That which was "anticipated" by God "into temptation", which is the only part of creation that could, "the likeness of God," to know, master and interfere in all creation, and as a consequence of his omniscience, of His omnipotence and free will, the ability to protect or annihilate all that he took in his hands. For now, only a few "chosen" as a Jesus, a Buddha, Mahavir one could achieve this status quo.
... 1) the Qumran (found in the Dead Sea), attesting to the connection of Jesus with the messianic and talking about Jesus to visit various Buddhist monasteries in India. Tell us note in passing that these documents were recognized by Pope Benedict XVI.

... 2) and on Esoteric Christianity (Judaism original pre-Christian), which expounds on the notion of original sin.

... I showed in the text that God, in his omniscience, "counted" with curiosity and disobedience of man, its own evolution.

... The text makes clear, though, that the human species was not born wise. That man was not born with the knowledge of good and evil. And this is in perfect agreement with the biblical text. Man's intelligence has been evolving since its inception. Therefore, the first man was innocent and ignorant of himself and the very functioning of the laws of God. The biblical text allows us to interpret that the man had remained so, he would have the full protection of God, but do not have the free will to choose, to know, to control and use the laws of God for their own benefit. In the parable of the prodigal son, this man would be the eldest son, who never disobeyed his father, but ultimately, did not deserve to be joyously received, exactly why that was not what God wanted.

... "Disobeying" the father, ie "eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil," the man did exactly what God wanted man to do. God wanted a thinking, wise, intelligent, knowledgeable and, above all, responsible for his acts.
God does not want any "little robot" obedient and dumb.
God wanted an omniscient being, in his own likeness!
And that is what is the "free will", the ability to take your hands your own destiny, knowing, manipulating and taking advantage of the laws of God.
... In the parable of the prodigal son, this man would be the youngest son that "requesting his inheritance," resolved
know the laws of God, wandering and falling, but always getting up and trying again, to understand and be aware that it is best to live in accordance with these laws themselves.
Obey the laws of God, with full awareness, is what God wants of men. That certainly deserves celebration!!
Thus, the real sin was not the "disobedience itself." The real sin was and is to remain "ignorant", yet obedient!
... The notion of original sin, so conceived, is much more logical and true, because it accords with all that you can observe the actual evolutionary behavior of man throughout his history.
All science and technology available today are there to confirm the evolution of man.
... Today, for example, man has the science of atomic process. With that he initially found your great power of destruction, killing millions of similar. But despite the huge nuclear arsenal, the man knows he can not use it because if I did it would lead to his own demise.

... The divine knowledge is definitely tied to ethics and moral divine.

... And that is all that God wanted from the start!

... Highlighting:

... Obey the laws of God, with full awareness, is what God wants of men. That certainly deserves celebration!!
... Thus, the real sin was not the "disobedience itself." The real sin was and is to remain "ignorant", yet obedient!

... This is the "core" of my entire post.

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