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quinta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2013

... The ATRAP antiprotons (CERN) and CPT symmetry

... The ATRAP antiprotons (CERN) and CPT symmetry
... by emulenews

... The trap antihydrogen (ATRAP) is a little experiment at CERN which aims to compare the antimatter with matter, specifically antihydrogen atoms (formed by an antiproton and a positron, or anti-electron) with hydrogen atoms (formed by a proton and an electron). Just published the most accurate measurement of the magnetic moment of the antiproton, 2.792847356 (23) times the nuclear magneton, which coincides with the proton in the elements five parts per million (0.0005%), a new measure (direct) of CPT invariance [wiki]. Under very general conditions, any quantum field theory meets the CPT theorem (although separately may violate the symmetries C, P, T, CP, etc..). The CPT symmetry can be verified in experiments comparing the properties of the particles and antiparticles, eg load mass and proton and antiproton have to be identical (they are associated with the field parameters (collectively) and the "components" of the field). The most accurate measure of CPT invariance corresponds to the mass ratio between the charge for the proton (p) and antiproton (pbar) is κ = m / q, was measured in 1999 that κ (p) / κ (pbar ) = (1 ± 9) × 10-11. This does not remove the new interest to measure, for the CPT symmetry must be verified on each of the possible parameters achievable by experiments. The white paper is ATRAP Collaboration, "One-Particle Measurement of the Antiproton Magnetic Moment," Phys Rev. Lett. 110: 130 801 (2013) [arXiv: 1301.6310]. Have echoed in Eric R. Hudson, David Saltzberg, "Viewpoint: Reflect antiprotons to Magnetic Symmetry," Physics 6: 36 (2013), and Lubos Motl, "obey CPT antiprotons within 5 ppm," TRF, Mar 29, 2013. By the way, the article is 1999 G. Gabrielse, A. Khabbaz, D. S. Hall, "Precision Mass Spectroscopy of the Antiproton and Proton Using Simultaneously Trapped Particles," Physical Review Letters 82: 3198-3201, 1999 [pdf free].

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