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quinta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2013

... Higgs boson ANALYSIS OF GENERIC 09-04-2013 DATA

... Higgs boson ANALYSIS OF GENERIC 09-04-2013 DATA

... Higgs boson is considered one of the most important particle in particle physics. A hypothetical, massive subatomic particle with zero electric charge whose existence would explain the masses of the elementary particle. In simple this particle is said to give all matter mass and now LHC is successful to found this, but the question is do you think that its a standard model higgs or some other particle? Bcz 99.999999999% sure that cern had found the Higgs boson. Today’s findings confirm that they’ve found a particle that behaves like a Higgs boson, but they don’t know if it’s the Standard

... Model Higgs boson (as proposed by Peter Higgs), or a different kind of Higgs boson as predicted by another model. The new findings, which stem from a full analysis of the complete 2012 data set by the CMS and ATLAS teams, show that the particle they have discovered has zero spin, positive parity — as predicted by the Standard Model. Before they can be certain that this is the Higgs boson, they need to further analyze its decay channels — the lighter particles that the Higgs quickly decays into. The problem is, the CMS and ATLAS detectors require a billion proton-proton collisions to detect a single Higgs boson — and so observing the decay is a pretty rare and time-consuming occurrence. Furthermore, the LHC shut down in February for a planned two-year refurbishment — so it’ll be at least two more years until we can say that this is the Higgs boson.... If it isn’t the Higgs boson, then it opens up the door to other models of particle physics, such as supersymmetry (where there are five Higgs particles), a technicolor model, or perhaps one of the Grand Unified Theories. In many ways, it would be more exciting if the Higgs boson doesn’t turn out to be what we expect — it would basically rewrite our understanding of the universe — but, in all likelihood, the Standard Model, which has been surprisingly resilient over the last 30 years, will continue to prevail.
I would like say that plz to assert your ideas about today higgs, what dou you think about that

... I think overall I would want it to fit the standard model. Even though it would be super exciting to find something unexpectedly different, I feel that there is more satisfaction to be had from confirmation that science has correctly predicted something and that it works in the way we expect. Especially as we're getting into realms where experiments are going to be less possible.

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