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quinta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2013

... The pulsar CAMALEON

... The pulsar CAMALEON

... A pulsar is a small rotating star, the size of a city, which emits radiation jets opposite because its magnetic poles, From the Earth are detected as pulsosregulares in ny part of electromagnetic aspectro, including X-rays or radio waves, some pulsars variansu behavior between two or more states, the momentopreciso resultandoimpredecible its variation, however, the Pulsar now detected, PSR B0943 +10, is unique: every half hour varies between two extreme states, unodominados by X-ray pulses and the other a highly organized pattern of radio pulses.
... X-ray emission is very weak, even for the observatory XMM-Newton has observed. To try to identify the status change momentoexacto observations were screened at a time with two of the largest radio telescopes on earth, the LOFAR (Low Frequency Array) in the Netherlands and the GMRT (Giant Meter Wave Radio Telescope) in India.
... Although X-rays changed their behavior while the radio emission, as expected, the radio signals are strong when weak X-rays and vice versa.
Data from the ESA / ATG

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